Revolutionary I.T Ltd started life as specialists in small business networking and server installation/maintenance.

As the company expanded we branched out into extra services that were born from the original model.  We offer server/network setup as well as maintenance.

In your office you may have a small business server that hosts the likes of your website, e-mail, company Intranet or shared files.  Servers like these need scheduled basic maintenance to avoid problems developing and to maintain performance through out their life time.

Some of the benefits of maintaining your server are:

Minimise Costly Downtime

System outages can, and most likely will, negatively impact your business. During an outage, your business fails to operate as intended.  Depending upon the severity, your business may cease revenue generating activities.  So every minute your servers are not functioning, you lose money. Adding to the issue, you have to deploy your staff to resolve the problem, which, if they do not possess the right expertise, will cost you more time and productivity. Reduce the downtime by hiring maintenance professionals that have experience in the different systems, critical outages, and can diagnose and fix the problem much faster than most day-to-day staff.

Need a proactive approach? Outages and downtime can be significantly minimised by implementing preventative maintenance.

Don’t think it’s a real issue? Calculate your potential revenue losses with this equation:


GR = gross yearly revenue

TH = total yearly business hours

I = percentage impact

H = number of hours of outage

Reduce Risks

When service applications are down, your company’s reputation is on the line. Customers can perceive your inactive systems as incompetence, a malicious threat, or worse.  They can become sceptical of your services and reluctant to repeat business. Prevent irreparable damage to your reputation by reducing the risk of downtime.  Fix your server issues fast and right with experienced professionals.

Improve Efficiency

Keep your staff productive by relying on maintenance professionals to take care of I.T issues. Don’t distract your employees from their daily tasks by attempting to diagnose the issues. Experienced professionals will quickly identify the problem and provide the solution to get your infrastructure up and operational. Preventative maintenance will also help you avoid critical issues, allowing your company to operate efficiently.

Realise Significant Savings

IT maintenance and warranty support can be a large expense. Purchasing warranties from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is almost twice as expensive as hiring a third party maintenance team that possesses similar skills and experience.

Most OEM companies are driven by new product sales, so they will suggest that your equipment is outdated and needs to be replaced.  Often the equipment still has much capacity to perform the current tasks plus more.  You may potentially purchase new equipment one or two or up to five years before it is necessary, costing your company money. A maintenance service provider will perform preventative maintenance on your current IT equipment to keep it in production for longer, avoiding the need to purchase new equipment and extending the life of your IT investment.